Dark Cap Stock

ENERGI Composite Color Solutions - our most advanced integral color solutions.

Features & Benefits

Beautiful. Versatile. Bolder than ever.

The Bright Side

The Bright Side of the Dark Side

Hybrid Technology

ENERGI Cap Stock solutions comprise either vinyl or our proprietary hybrid technology. Both are integrated with the substrate and provide 100% adhesion and a hard surface finish for processing and field performance durability.

  • On-line application process
  • Applied at 0.006" to 0.008"
  • Including dark colors currently as low as L39 (bronze)
  • Dark colors are UV stable
  • 0.2 E shift at 4000 hours QUV
  • 5H pencil hardness
  • Integral adhesion to the surface (No distortion - No Shrinkage)
  • 57° F heat gain of dark color
  • Self-ignition temperature 704°F
  • Rate of burn class C2<2.5 in/min
  • Smoke density test 7.72%
  • Arc lamp tensile 5.06%
  • AAMA 303
  • TAS 301 (FBC)
  • Platform Systems
  • Custom Programs = Low Color or Dominant Color & limited tools
  • Competitive cap-stock users
  • Designed for manufacturers who employ competitive
    third-party painters within the parameters
  • Existing tool evaluation conducted by ENERGI
  • Tooling costs are the customer's responsibility
  • Minimum quantity required per order
  • Corner touch-up by Mohawk Vinyl Makers


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On-line Color Solution

Eliminates painting or laminates in your production.


On-line process
improved manufacturing times & costs


Hard and durable
Easy to process in manufacturing and endure installation without damage


Dark Colors
Available in Black - the most popular paint color, and other dark colors - Gray, Bronze and more.
Also available in light Colors.

Dare to compare

Color Solutions for Window Systems

Feature ENERGI
Dark Capstock
Water Based
Solvent Based
Performance & Testing
Color Fast Weathering 8 Years 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Hardness 5H H 2H N/A
Durability High Medium Medium Medium
Adhesion Best Better Better Good
Repairability Paint Paint Paint None
AAMA Standard 303-12 613/614/615 613/614/615 307-11
AAMA Performance Requirements ≤ 6 E at 2 Years ≤ 10 E at 10 Years ≤ 10 E at 10 Years 10/50 E at 2 Years
Health & Safety
Environmentally Safe Yes Yes No Yes
Safe Application Yes Yes No Yes
Wide Range of Standard Colors No Yes Yes No
Custom Colors No Yes No No
Color Match to Other Window Materials No Yes Yes No
Color Match to Other Construction Materials No Yes Yes No
Woodgrain No Yes No Yes
Application & Logistics
Small Quantity Orders No Yes Yes No
Accomodate Any Shape Yes Yes Yes No
Exterior Application Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interior Application Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use in Balance Pockets Yes No No No
Minimal Inventory No Yes Yes No
Bendable Yes Yes No No

Dark Cap Stock presentation by Mark DePaul

New technologies make true changes to benefit your business.
Take this opportunity with ENERGI Fenestration Solutions.

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